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Microleaves Dedicated Proxy Review

Microleaves Dedicated Proxy Review 
Surfing the web, transacting business, and playing games are only a few of millions of uses for the internet every day. At times, you may want to remain anonymous when wondering around on the web. One way to do so is through a proxy.

Accessing the web is very easy and often done without the knowledge of how the system works. Most just simply plug in the address of where they want to go or search for what they want, wait a few seconds, and there is the page right in front of you. A lot happens in those few seconds. Your computer sends out a request to a name server. The name server returns the particular IP address of the web page you want. A proxy server comes into play at this point as acting as a middle man between your computer's IP address, and another's IP address by keeping you an anonymous user since the proxy IP address of the middle man is shared instead.

The big question is where is the best place to go to have access to proxy servers. A great concern after Wired Summer 2015 report of proxy server services maybe not being as safe as they claim. So we took a look at MicroLeaves and reviews of their services.
MicroLeaves, formally known as Proxy Solutions Reverse Proxies, offers many features and different solutions for proxies. Claiming to be the larger service provider for proxy solutions by having 26 million unique IP addresses for a Global Pool, Dedicated Proxies are private or semi-private proxies.

What this means is that you have a proxy all to yourself so during peak times your speed isn't affected by heavy traffic. The ability to pick your IP address means you can choose what geographical area you wish to show up during your time online and repeat use of a particular website will be saved in the cache as well. Features offered include 5 minute proxy rotation time and the ability to set different ports only to use a country specific IP address. Authorization completed by username and password and IP addresses change monthly.

For those who are hosting a web page, the guarantee a 99% uptime. If you're a business whose product or service depends on a website being accessible at the highest possible rate then uptime is crucial to you. Curious about how this rate is calculated, MicroLeaves offers a simple calculation explanation on their website. Each client has access to an advanced control panel. The control panel features include the alteration of certain characters to numbers, have hotkeys, the ability to switch mode by keyboard commands, and defines escape character. Microleaves servers come with a high CPU and RAM to provide their customers with the fastest service possible. One of the advantages to this is a decrease in file distortion.

Their dedicated proxy service begins with five proxies at the cost of $12.50 all the way up to 100 for $250 regular price, which doesn't include sales or promotional decreases. They offer a three-day money back guarantee and 24hr customer service.

MircoLeaves Dedicated Proxy Service Reviews, specifically after November 2016, are few and far between. Proxies gives MircoLeaves, as Reverse Proxies, only 3.7 stars, but their information seems to be before the changes made within MircoLeaves. Also, one personal blog review from April 2017 doesn't have much good to say about MircoLeaves, specifically their poor customer service in which she was treated in unacceptable ways. Although, this was about the same time that MircoLeaves eliminated one of its plans due to high levels of abuse. It is unknown if this undesirable review has any connection to the challenges of ill-treatment of certain services that MircoLeaves addresses in April 2017.

There are many different types of proxies available. Both free proxies and paid subscription proxies are available to use to safeguard your online activities. Free proxies are generalized and you will not have the same functionality and level of protection that you could expect from a paid proxy subscription service.

On the other end of reviews, ShinyObjectReviews.com holds MircoLeaves in high regard beginning with excitement over the switch between Reverse Proxies and MircoLeaves especially concerning many of the features that would come from the change. Clear excitement over the ability to use a username and password on dedicated proxy plans. A username and password mean you are the only person who has access to the proxy; therefore, without sharing, you can experience fast speeds even during peak times. Also, rotating IP addresses on a regular basis and operate with several subnets.

One of the biggest likes of the new MircoLeaves is all services can be managed from one page via the control panel discussed above. There is also discussion over what actions are blocked such as GEO of proxies and Socks protocol. Also, there is a list of blocked website, as of November 2017, such as Skype, Craiglist, and social media websites.

Overall, there isn't much out there concerning MicroLeaves Dedicated Proxy reviews from individual customers, aside from one low review. One low review doesn't provide enough information to gain a good understanding of MicroLeaves' service off customer reviews. With little reviews one way or another, it could be guessed that the service isn't bad, but isn't high enough to rave about either. It's uncertain.

If you have any issues at any time, drop us an email, call into our offices during work hours or get a hold of our live support teams if you have an emergency. We understand that our client's safety, security, and anonymity online is of utmost importance. Our dedicated support and service teams will take you by the virtual hand and walk you through any issues you may have.
In regards to the services they offer to individuals and businesses, there are a wealth of features from several features focused on getting you the fast service possible from private proxies who are utilized through a username and password to servers with high RAM and CPU abilities. Include a control panel all on one website gives an individual the ability to manage everything efficiently. It might be worth checking out.

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