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Review Lenovo IdeaPad 510 15IKB

In this review, Lenovo IdeaPad 510 is officially launched in aGB Review in early February this year. It is aimed at students who are in need of a computer for learning and entertainment basic level.
Lenovo IdeaPad 510 15IKB is officially launched in Facebook in early February this year. It is aimed at students who are in need of a computer for learning and entertainment. Basic level
Lenovo is one of the world's three largest computer manufacturers today, and Dell and HP are not the only ones in the business. The company is constantly launching new laptop models that serve a wide range of users from basic to advanced. The IdeaPad 510 15IKB is Lenovo's latest entry into the popular entertainment laptop segment. At the price of 13.6 million, what will the user get from this product?

Appearance of the IdeaPad 510 15IKB inherited many features from the recent IdeaPad generation. Still a silver-plated silver-gray plastic case that has been carefully treated, Lenovo has used brighter, smoother colors to create eye-catching, close-to-aluminum shells.
The whole surface is painted, anti-stain and sweat effectively. The rigid body does not have a creaking effect when pressed firmly against the crust. The coupling lines, the edges are carefully machined, well finished, less redundant. The hinge portion of the screen is made firmly, allowing the opening angle of up to 180 degrees. You should note that this is not a line of Yoga so do not try to turn the screen back and away from the laptop.
Slim, lightweight body with a weight of 2.2Kg and a maximum thickness of 2.6cm, with a 15.6-inch lapopyou can to carry to school every day. The charger included with the device is very compact size, just the same as the charger of the tablet, the phone should add mobility.
The ports on the machine at basic level with 3 USB ports (2 of which are USB 3.0), 1 HDMI port, 1 LAN port, 1 combo port for headset and mic, 1 SD card reader, 1 port. VGA. The machine does not have an optical drive instead of a hard drive. Users can take advantage of this tray to add extra SSDs without the need for an extra caddy.

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Removing the hard drive tray is simple when you only need to twist a screw on the bottom of the machine. However, distributors in Vietnam are stuck in this position, so when you need to add hard drive, you need to go to the genuine warranty center for support. In addition, the location of the RAM storage compartment, the WiFi card is also stamped while the hard disk drive is attached.
At the bottom of the machine, Lenovo has a number of radiator grills and four large rubber feet for good grip. A stereo speaker system is also located here.
Lenovo laptops have traditionally been highly appreciated for the keyboard thanks to its good typing feel, high bounce rate, and reasonable keyboard layout. On the IdeaPad 510 15IKB, this continues to be promoted. The keyboard of the machine is spacious, bouncing keys, sticking hand, typing fast, less typing. The flex (emphasis) phenomenon when emphasis is well restrained. Text printed on sharp keys, beautiful fonts.

The size of a 15-inch laptop allows the machine to add Numpad numeric keys for data entry, quick calculation alongside a few multimedia keys to control the player. The keyboard has a backlight with enough brightness to work in the night or when the light is off without turning on the table light. The default F keys will be used to control the volume down, screen brightness, fast touchpad off and so on. To use F1, press F2 to keep the Fn key pressed. Want to edit, users will have to enter the BIOS.
However, a very unreasonable part is that Shift must be placed to the right of the arrow keys up and down rather than to the left as usual. This causes the writer to repeatedly manipulate the wrong place causing a lot of discomfort during typing. Perhaps Lenovo arranged such a key so that the arrow keys were larger, easier to manipulate but they did not anticipate the implications. It will take a long time to get used to this incredible layout.

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