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The Best Dress To Fit The Best Body

Every woman has a figure that falls in a certain body type. All dresses are not meant to suit all body types. If you don’t have the perfect model figure then then there it can be a bit tricky to choose a dress that fits your body best. Most of the women fall in the four basic types of bodies - fist is hourglass, second is banana, third one is pear, and the last is apple. Similarly that is what applied in the case of dresses. The four major dress sections comprises of - sleeve, neckline, silhouette and length.

So the question here is What dress should be chosen for which body type?

Banana Body Dressing Pattern:
A body shape as of a banana looks gorgeous in Full Length, Tea Length and Cocktail Length.
matched with a neckline pattern of v-neck or sweetheart can look elegant with a trumpet skirt. for a vintage look wear a dress with wide shoulder straps. this dress line makes an extraordinary appearance of your personality when you enter the venue.


Pear body dressing pattern:
for an outline that looks elegant comes with a drop waist dress that is strapless or has minimal visible straps. scoop and bateau neckline makes a ravishing look on a dress with a tea length. choosing this dressing pattern can beat a lot of girls out there in the party. there can be no best match for a body that has a pear shape.

Apple body dressing pattern:
square dresses and one shoulder dresses are quite trendy among fashionistas. these are one of the coolest neckline dresses when worn in a formal cocktail dresses length. the silhouette should be as simple as a drop waist style. to have an exotic and charming look among your friends you must go for cap sleeve dress. other sleeve designs can distort the overall look of your figure.



Hourglass body dressing pattern:
who doesn’t desires of a body of an hourglass figure. still an unmatched dress can ruin an extraordinary figure. choose the length that is most attractive which is the tea length. the neckline can be a total fit if it is a v-neck or a sweetheart. make sure the dress you choose must have spaghetti straps or strapless. 


source: couture candy 

 you can browse a number of dresses online according to your body shape. before you buy a dress, try to observe yourself in it. usually dresses displayed in models are according to their figure and it might look awkward on a figure of yours. this can further lead into disappointment and you may end up wasting your time and money.

lastly it has been found that there are many sites those sell replicas of original designs. these online stores show the design of original dress but when you receive the delivery you realize that the material, cloth made or stitching is not up to the mark. this is quite common with untrusted online stores. it is advised to learn the popularity of the store and what the consumers are talking about them.

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