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4% CBD. Cannabis is bred to contain much THC, but its cousin hemp is grown because of the CBD content and of course the bast fibers. In order to reduce the THC content, the oil was further diluted until the legal restrictions were met. The result is a hemp extract rich in CBD, but low in THC. As legal as the hemp from which he is won. Contains: 10ml


Most of today's cannabis strains have been bred to high THC levels, but hemp is a different story. Industrial hemp is grown because of its high CBD content and of course the bast fibers. In order to reduce the THC content, the oil was diluted further until the legal restrictions were met, resulting in an oil containing 4% CBD, but only 0.173% THC, making it as legal as the biologically grown industrial hemp from which it is produced,

CBD does not trigger any kind of intoxication. Although CBD is the second most common cannabinoid found in cannabis, it does not show any of the intoxicating effects for which its counterpart is notorious. Also the consumption of higher doses will not trigger any psychoactive effect - from CBD high is simply impossible.

Is it legal?

Yes - this yeast extract contains almost zero THC; It is obtained from hemp - since this hemp extract has no psychoactive content, it can be sold as Wholesale CBD Oil sealing companies are working and sold legally in the Netherlands and most other countries.

How is it to store?

CBD oil is easily perishable and should be stored outside direct sunlight, preferably in a cool and dark place like the refrigerator.

We do not collect any medical claims - this extract is intended solely for use as a dietary supplement, it is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Contains: 10ml (4% CBD)


Thanks to an improved filtration process, the new formula of this Organic CBD oil ensures that it drips easily and freely from the pipette at any room temperature. This makes the oil easier to dose while maintaining all its positive properties.

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