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All about private shared proxy

Before we begin anything else we need to know what proxies are. Proxies are basically intermediaries which are made of use of by individuals and companies while working on internet. The job of acting as a buffer zone between the internet and you is done by the proxy server. They basically don’t show the IP address of any user which allows them to do anonymous surfing throughout the World Wide Web. So basically your shopping sites, preferences while working or browsing, even the games you play and most importantly your location is hidden while surfing through an anonymous proxy server. Another interesting thing a proxy server allows is for you to access some websites which are otherwise blocked for some reason. To broadly categorize, there are two types of proxies. You ca buy private shared proxy.  These are shared proxies and private proxies. These are different in almost every sense.

What are shared proxies?

Much of the information about this can be understood from its name. As the name suggests, a private shared proxy is made use of by multiple users. So for instance, you have a company which is using a shred proxy, you need to understand that it will be used by multiple other people than you. From the looks of it, it does not seem like such a good idea to opt for a shred proxy server. However, it does come with its own set of advantages.

Advantages of shared proxies

Shared proxies are either quite cheap or completely free. If you share the proxy server that means that you are also sharing the cost of that server. This usually works out well for occasional users who requires a proxy but uses it for a small amount of time. In some cases, such as SEO software, shared proxies be a helpful source. HTTP and SOCKS5 is supported by them. They are flexible and can be used by web browsers and other proxy supporting applications.

What are private proxies?

Once again the name suggests much about what the private proxies are. It is a dedicated IP. It is extremely anonymous and is only available to the specified person. Private proxy has a huge set of advantages.

Advantages of private proxy

The most serious advantage of private proxy is that it is used by one single user and not by multiple users. With private proxy your IP address is hidden which adds further security and makes your surfing more secure. In the world of web it is a known fact that a user can be identified through an IP address through which it can be seen which websites have been visited by a user. This means you are exposed to spammers and hackers. To secure yourself from this digital footprint you can use private proxies. Other than that it provides a higher speed since it is only being used by one single person. It is also useful in avoiding and blocking any form of spam successfully. So to secure yourself you can buy cheap private shared proxy both or either one of them. 

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