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How to prescribe CBD RSHO?

The medical use of cannabis has come out of the shadows of prohibition in different parts of the world, including in Brazil, where cannabidiol-based products such as Real Scientific Hemp Oil can not be imported for the treatment of various diseases.

As a physician you can prescribe RSHO ™ for any treatment you feel is appropriate.

Our cannabidiol-based products available in Brazil include:

- Real Scientific Hemp Oil ™ in Green, Blue and Gold Label

- Real Scientific Hemp Oil ™ Liquid with Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil (TCM),

- RSHO-X: our new product, a pure CBD oil without any trace of THC.

CBD oil is ligal all our the world, wholesale CBD oil can be get from online store.

How to prescribe?

l  Brazilian physicists interested in prescribing products ANTHRA:

l  Patient's name

l  Name of the medicine

l  Patient's illness

l  Required quantity of RSHO ™

l  Duration of treatment

l  Revenue Date

l  Signature and doctor's stamp (with CRM)

Physicians should also provide a medical report, describing the clinical condition of their patient and justifying the reasons why canabidiol should be the next step in treatment.

Once the patient has received his prescription, he can register with ANVISA to obtain the authorization through an import letter.

Once approved, your patient can then purchase the RSHO ™ directly from the HempMeds® Brazil website.

How HempMeds® Brazil Helps Doctors?

Cannabidiol is an antidepressant. We recommend you to subscribe to our mailing list to receive more information about cannabidiol and its effects, clarification of the patient approval process and news about upcoming medical events in Brazil and abroad.

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