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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Commences a Massive Spiritual Convention

Nigerian pastor, known globally as Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, has dominated recent religious media outlets and news coverage. The accomplished pastor has put forth an anointed convetion of Christian conglomerates, spanning over two days. With thousands in attendance, the successful pastor filled the facility with knowledge, spiritual guidance and ample prayer and praises.

Pastor Chris has managed an anointed ministry well over two decades long. Devoted solely to God's mission, he has helped countless individuals recognize, harvest and deeply expand their personal relationship with the lord. Through a series of religiously based bodies of work, he has cultivated and helped reshape the modern understanding of devotion.
Pastor Chris latest Bible study guide has been reprinted over 2 million times. His work can be found in over 200 countries world-wide. His devotional text has been transcribed in over 800 different languages including English, Hendi and Italian. 

Chris Oyakhilome also leads world recognized crusades across the globe. His Christian based events have totaled over 3.5 million in attendance. Primarily based in the U.K and in Africa, his satellite programs and shows are an outlet to reach a wider range of worshipers.

With a pioneering work ethic and deeply devoted spirit, Chris Oyakhilome has organized the LoveWorld Conference and Haven Convention 2017. The confrence was filled with the Holy Ghost as Christian speakers, healers, students, writers and teachers were all in attendance. The event featured various host and guest speakers from all around the world. The group manifested heavily on the word of God, shared inspiring stories and lifted the audience up through inspirational testimony. The event also featured a variety of ministries from a host of elite speakers.

Pastor Chris along with Christ Embassy focused primarily on the power of prayer. The pastor emphasised the importance of lifting world leaders and political figures espicially through individual and collective prayer. He encouraged the audience to pray for authority figures as well. The various ministry sessions spanned over 2 days as attendees were able to gain an in depth understanding of God's word and God's almighty desire. He reminded the audience that prayer would help discourage authority and political figures from making any choice or law that would indirectly interfere with God's will and the spread of the heavenly Gospel.

BLW president, Pastor Ifeoma Chiemeka and many other renowned Christian leaders helped convey God's devine message through guest speaking toward the global audience. Pastor Ifeoma preached the scripture of Psalms 33:12 and verbally highlighted the Haven in scripture.
The mega event was renowned as one of the most successful Christian based events in modern day. With an abundance of spiritual inspiration and holy knowledge planted within the global audience, the event reached its intended audience and fulfilled its desired purpose.

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