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Pre-Wedding Stress Relief Ideas for You and Your Fiancé

Planning a wedding is exciting—you get to imagine what a beautiful day you’ll have,
kicking off your new life with the one you love most. It can also be extremely stressful,
though—between the cost of the wedding dress, the cost of the cake, the cost of the caterer,
the cost of the venue, and the cost of everything else and having to plan it all out as well,
it’s easy to rack up credit card debt and get stressed out. As exciting and happy as wedding planning can be,
it can be difficult to feel excited about it when you’re stressed to the max.
And stress doesn’t just affect your excitement about the wedding,
either—it can make it difficult to enjoy downtime with the other person your wedding is all about.

Amidst all of the planning and the stress, many couples will try to find things to do and ways to reconnect so,
that they can stay close and still enjoy each other’s company despite everything that has to be done.
Whether that be by taking a vacation, getting a couple’s massage, or some other way,
there are numerous ways that you can relieve pre-wedding stress and relax while prepping for the big day.

Spend a Day at the Spa

There’s nothing that says relaxing like an entire day spent at the spa.
Not only will a spa day help you relax and forget about all of the stresses that come with wedding planning,
but it will help you beautify too. Whether you and your fiancé go to the spa and get treatments or make it a day,
full of spa services for couples, it’s a great way to escape it all and spend some quality, relaxing time together.

Do a Technology Fast

Technology keeps everyone connected, but sometimes that connection seems to hold people hostage.
Even if you hate being on your computer and phone all day, between work and breaks and wedding planning,
odds are you using tech constantly. It can help you get things done,
but it can also cause extra stress and disconnect you from reality. To help remedy that,
why not try a technology fast?

You and your fiancé can spend a few days or even a week offline, (unless necessary for work),
taking the time to reconnect in reality, and stay away from the stresses and constant
bombardments of information that come at you when you’re connected to tech.

Take a Vacation

What’s better than a vacation to help you get away from the stresses of everyday life?
Whether you stay local and get a hotel with a pool, or travel to a city filled with fun,
like Las Vegas, taking a few days away from work, from wedding planning,
and from other stressors is a great way to hit refresh and sync back up with your fiancé.

Take a Bubble Bath

If you don’t have the time or money to spend an entire day at the spa or book a flight across the country to,
enjoy a vacation away, you can still get a moment of stress relief by enjoying a bubble bath. You can sit, relax,
and talk away the night or you can sit and relax without talking at all. If you want to add a little romance,
light a few candles, dim the lights, and pick a romantic playlist to keep your company while you and your
fiancé soak your worries and stresses away.

Share the Responsibility

Wedding planning is exciting, but it can also be a burden. If you and your fiancé are trying to do it alone,
whether to make sure everything goes according to plan, are wanting to avoid putting the same burden on
others, or both, it’s enough to make you feel like you’ll go crazy. The truth is, though,
that friends and family are usually more than happy to help out and sharing that responsibility with them will
take a huge weight off of your shoulders, helping you two to destress and relax.

Get Movin’

Keeping your body healthy is important, and when you’re stressed,
it’s not always easy to find the time or motivation to get up and moving. Exercise is a great way to relieve stress,
though, and help you keep in shape. Whether you go to the gym together after work,
get a quick run in in the morning, or try doing yoga together on the weekends, taking the time to get movin’
with your fiancé will help you relieve stress and keep you better connected throughout the wedding planning

Make Sure You Sleep

Who doesn’t love sleep? As much as everyone loves it, though,
it seems like everyone could use more than they get. With the stresses of planning a wedding,
the responsibilities of work, and the effort needed to maintain your social life,
it can be hard to get enough sleep in every night,
but sleep deprivation can have some serious effects and make the stresses you’re feeling even worse.
So, it’s important to do everything you can to make sure that you get enough sleep every night to feel
better and less stressed.

How are you and your fiancé choosing to relieve the pre-wedding stress

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