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The Best Shoes for a Summer Wedding

Summer is wedding season. Millions of brides choose to get married in the summer, so they can make the most of the fine weather and warm temperatures. If they are really lucky, they might even have the luxury of a beach wedding in a tropical destination. But even if you don’t have a beach wedding in Mauritius planned this year, you still need to think about your outfit – and this includes the shoes.

Shoes play a key role at a wedding. The bride is on her feet for hours at a time, so she needs to be comfortable.
The wrong shoes can cripple your feet and no woman wants to look back on her special day and be reminded
of how painful it was. For this reason, you need to select the right shoes for your outfit, the weather,
and your wedding theme. Here is a quick guide to the types of shoes you can wear, and when
they are most suitable.

Color and Comfort

It is customary to wear white or cream shoes to match your dress but remember that your shoes
will be out of sight if you elect to wear a traditional full-length wedding dress. This gives you some
leeway on what shoes you wear. You could, for example, pick colored shoes to jazz up your outfit,
or even some flat shoes if you want to be comfortable all day. if you go for the latter,
at least carry some sexy court shoes with you for the photos,
so when your new husband picks you up for a romantic kiss,
the photos won’t be ruined by some horrible old sneakers.


Heels are a classic shoe. Whether you splurge on expensive Italian shoes women or stick to a tight
budget and buy some cheap stiletto heels from a local store,
the right pair of heels will give you some extra height and make you walk like a princess.
If you are not used to high heels, don’t despair. Not every woman can walk in six-inch heels.
They are uncomfortable, and it takes practice to pull off skyscraper heels with aplomb.
If this sounds like you, opt for kitten heels or wedges instead.
They are easier to walk in and less likely to cripple you after an hour.
Alternatively, if you have your heart set on high heels,
pop some gel pads in your shoes to make them more comfortable.


Don’t dismiss the idea of boots for a summer wedding. Cute ankle boots will work well with a low-key
boho-style wedding dress. Dress them up with flowers or jewels.
Bespoke ankle boots made in a matching fabric to your dress are a nice touch.

Ballerina Shoes

Ballerina shoes in cream satin are perfect for a beach wedding.
You can skip along the sand and avoid sinking in,
which would happen if you wore heels. Ballerina pumps are not as informal as sandals,
so they make a good choice if your wedding is on the beach.
Choose your shoes carefully to avoid any footwear nightmares on the big day.

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