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7 Reasons to Get Off Your Couch and Study at the Library

For many, college is a chance to move out and gain some independence, live life on their own terms,
learn and develop, and discover themselves. It’s also a chance to gain a better education
that can be applied in the real world both before and after graduation in professional as
well as personal settings, and throughout various other situations that come along with living.
While most students will strike a balance between their studies and exploring their
new-found freedom and having fun, it’s easy to develop habits that can negatively affect their
school work and cause them to fall behind or earn a lower grade than they might like. For example,
getting into the habit of studying on the couch can have a bigger impact on school work than one might

Whether you’re studying for a final or reviewing a chapter on SEO from your marketing class,
getting off your couch and heading to the library will better help you focus and stay on track,
give you access to accredited, (and sometimes better quality),
resources in addition to what’s on the Internet, and hopefully help you improve your grades.
Even if you’re one of more than 20,464,608 students enrolled in at least one online class,
taking your computer and heading to your local library will give you plenty of benefits.

1.  You Can Study Without Interruption
At the library, you can reserve individual or group study rooms that will help you separate yourself from
the outside world and become immersed in the material you’re trying to cover. This means that there
won’t be any roommates around to ask you to help out with dishes, go with them to the store,
or to turn on the TV so loud you can’t concentrate. You may need to leave your phone at home
or turn it off if you want to avoid all interruptions, but in general, studying at the library will help you
stay on track and focused for longer periods of time.

2.  It’s a Neutral Meeting Ground
When you have a study group you need to meet with, it can be difficult to figure out where to go.
If your group is big, then your apartment may be too small. A restaurant may be too noisy,
and a park may be too distracting. Luckily, the library offers plenty of spaces where groups
can come together to study, discuss, and work with each other to complete projects or get homework done
without any unnecessary distractions.

3.  There are Fewer Distractions to Try and Ignore
When you’re at home, there are distractions everywhere. Besides your roommates and their friends,
there’s the distraction of video games, movies, food, laundry that needs to be done, or a messy room
that needs to be cleaned. While all of those things can be good, it’s important to prioritize, focus,
and get things done one at a time. That means that if you have all of those distractions at home,
then the library is one of the best possible places for you to study.

4.  The Available Resources Extend Beyond Books
Libraries are, obviously, full of books ranging from fiction and picture books to non-fiction and thesauruses.
They have resources that go far beyond that, though. At the library, you can check out and rent movies,
computers, and other equipment—sometimes equipment that is new and top-of-the-line. The Internet
is full of great resources, but sometimes what you need can’t be found online but can be found in the library.

5.  There’s a Printer at Your Disposal
If you don’t have a printer at home, then the library is the place to be. Even if you do, you may still
want to consider heading to the library. Ink alone can cost you over $200 a year, so if your library
doesn’t charge for printing—or printing up to a certain amount—then you can save your money and
take advantage of the printers they have there. Furthermore, if you need to print off a large document,
then you may be better off printing it at the library than trying to print it at home and running out of ink
or paper.

6.  You Can Get Copies of Your Textbooks
If your textbooks haven’t arrived yet, you’ve left them at a friends’ house and can’t get them until later,
you forgot them back at your home which is hundreds of miles away, or you don’t have access to them
for any other reason, then the library is your best friend. The library likely has copies of the textbooks
that you need, so even if you don’t have access to your own at the moment, you can still get your
studying done and keep up with the homework that you have.

7.  Your Library is Likely Open Until Late
There are some who feel that libraries should be open 24/7, and others who think that’s not such a good idea.
Either way, most libraries are open late so that you can head on over and study during the time that you have.
Whether you study best at night or work during the afternoon/evening and can’t get over there until later,
the library likely has hours that you can work with so that you can still get your studying done
without the temptation of crawling into bed and falling asleep before you even open your textbook.

Final Thoughts
There are many reasons that you should study at the library instead of trying to study at home.
Even if only to avoid distractions. Between the private study rooms and the available resources,
the library is one of the best places to be when you need to get through your school work.

Do you prefer studying at home or the library, and why?

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