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The World of Wedding Gowns

The world of wedding gowns has turned into a one size-fit-all sideshow. Wedding gown designers always seem to focus on one part of the wedding gown instead of the whole package. The gown has a beautiful design, but an uncomfortable fit, or has an awful design, but a snug fit, or even has a Barbie-doll beautiful design, a picture perfect fit, but the train of the gown could lead to St. Louis. The amateur wedding gown designer is like a prospective employee in today's job market: Stable enough to be present, but not individualized enough to be unique. Oddly enough, I believe that the ingredients which make a perfect wedding gown are the same main ingredients that the continent of Australia is known for: a cute [capital] name (Sydney), reptiles, and the great outdoors,Vanila Wedding Shop Dubai.
What's In a Name? Let's be honest, if one was looking up information about Australia and saw the name of the capital, Sydney, they would be reeled in immediately. Why? Because the irony is delicious; how can a continent that is so rugged have a (capital) name that's so cutesy? The same goes for a wedding gown, especially with internet purchases where the prospective brides may not necessarily see the gowns in person. If they can't see the gowns in person (and even if they can), then something will have to draw them in initially, and a gown name will have to be that draw. The name obviously doesn't need to be anything gladiatorial, like the "KL Krusher," but combinations that espouse genteel and winsome virtues such as mercy, tolerance, innocence, faith, comfort, knowledge, and justice (etc.). For example, one of the gowns could be named "Mercy's Masterpiece." This gives the gown a personality all its own and makes the design unique from the beginning of the process. And speaking of design...
Snakes Alive! The fact that Australia is known for it's influx of reptiles may seem to be a flippant observation in regards to wedding gowns, but it makes perfect sense (paradox remember?). Reptiles are mostly known for their poison, but it's their skin (scales) that make them stand out. Not only do their scales look great, they are helpful also. This is why they can best the waters, toil the grounds and have National Geographic looking at them in awe while they do it. A wedding gown will serve the same purpose. Of course the gown will have to fit (this is what designers zero in on, and they should) but what about the fabric of the gown? The fabric to the bride should be what scales are to the reptile. Put bluntly, when the fabric touches the bride's skin, she should feel the same sensation a person does when they put that first morsel of food in their mouth after they haven't eaten for a long time: All they can do is feel the tingle and say "mmmmmm!"
Out Three And last but definitely not least, we all know that Australia is known for it's 'great outdoors', and this leads to the most important rule of all: Always design the dress as if the bride is being married outdoors. Outdoors is where everyone sees, outdoors is everyone feels, outdoors is where everything started. Outdoors is where the reptiles play, the meaning of the name Sydney is even "wide meadow." There is no escape from the outdoors, even from within. Wherever there's room temperature, there's also a coat rack.

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