Freshforex Review: Stay Away from This Scam Broker!

Fresh Forex is a scam broker company, I highly suggest on not trading with them to avoid any lost or damage on your money! I have been fortunate enough to tell the tale; I’ve been a regular trader in this company and just when I thought that everything is smooth sailing, I couldn’t have been so wrong in my entire life.

This is actually my first time trading, I was very naïve because I was really a fresh meat in the market. I stumbled upon Fresh Forex for some reason and the whole hell broke loose. The first month was alright and everything was smooth, a lot of education was provided for some basic knowledge on trading, and it was well appreciated. Some days passed and I was accustomed to doing trading, and I’ve been testing the lot of the free trading and tutorial trading they have.

So I opened my own live account, the real account one and there I started my adventure with them. It was really easy and basic at first; I’ve been riding the company’s client’s popular choices which were EURJPY, GBPJPY, and XAUUSD. I started with forex trading because it was easy and fast, so I deposited via Visa/Master Card $400 as initial capital to what I thought is a good investment but I was wrong. After several days of trading, 20 days to be exact, I earned as much $3500 from trading forex and stocks and just when I thought I was winning I wasn’t.

I asked for a withdrawal slip and followed all the notes that they filed. After several transactions and calls from their customer service, it was a dead end. I was calling the customer service for days, all they were saying is to pass a withdrawal slip, and from time to time, they always say that they will follow it up. I believed them when they said that it was a technical problem with their company, it wasn’t because, after several days of frisking with the customer service, my account was taken down. Zero account means zero balance, I have nothing, they took everything, my earnings, my initial money, and go to the extent of deleting my account.

I suggest that you don’t trade with Fresh Forex, it is a total scam and you will lose a lot of money from this company, they will rob you out and elude you with more money but don’t do it! Always remember that they are and will steal your money! Fresh Forex is a scam!

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